How ‘the Maze Runner’ Left Me in the Maze

by Devina Gunawan

Initially, I didn’t want to see it. I am usually a big fan of movies based on novels, just so that I can compare them if I read the books – but I never read the Maze Runner trilogy, so the movie didn’t strike me as something I had to watch.

However, I’ve been a huge fan of Dylan O’Brien since Teen Wolf premiered.

So it was on my “to watch” list for a year until I heard that ‘The Scorch Trials’ was coming up. I decided to see it two days before watching ‘the Scorch Trials,’ and I guess it was a good decision made.

Entered Thomas, a teenage boy who arrived in the Glade, a place in the middle of a maze, where there were murderous creatures called the Grievers. The glade was surrounded by gates, protecting it from the maze and the Grievers. So the boys were clumped together, looking after each other and trying to figure out what was going on.

I give you three names you should remember from the boys: Thomas, Minho, and Newt.


It was like a boy camp, except that it was not fun and no one was smiling. Everyone in the Glade called himself a Glader, and there was a group of boys who would go out to the maze during the day to figure out a way out of the whole arena, and they were called the Runners.

The runners were led by a beautiful boy named Minho. They would run during the day, when one of the gates opened up, and try to figure out a way out for all of them. The runners knew everything, although most remained a mystery, about the maze. They were the only ones allowed to run in the maze and leave the Glade during the day. Everyone else who wanted to join, had to be chosen.


Thomas and the audience had plenty of questions and started getting lost in the system that was ruling the boys’ lives.

But there was no answer. There was, really, no explanation to anything.

Thomas, however, made a friend, two of them, actually. But only one of them made it to ‘the Scorch Trials.’ And that would be Newt, the voice of reason.


They started figuring things out and, honestly in my opinion, more questions than answers to their already existing questions.

So one day, Thomas ran into the maze thinking that he could help Minho when the leader was carrying a friend who was injured. Supposedly, nobody made it alive in the maze at night. However, Thomas and Minho together survived, and Thomas led a Griever to its death successfully.

And that, unfortunately broke the unspoken Glade-Maze rule that the Grievers were not to be killed.

Afterwards, the Glade was no longer safe. Grievers came into the Glade and hell broke loose.

Oh, by that time, the last Glader arrived and it was a girl. Her name was Teresa, and she shared a connection or past with Thomas. She obviously knew him, because his name was the first word she uttered. She reminds me of Kristen Stewart, somehow.


I do not think she and Thomas would be romantic in any way, but they shared something together. And that bonded the two of them.

So anyway, after the Grievers started haunting the boys, the bully of the Glade wanted Thomas to leave the Glade. By then though, some of them were already tired of living in the Glade and wanted to go with Thomas. So they left the Glade together.

They ended up finding a way out of the maze and into a lab, where they discovered that they were an experiment done by an organization called WCKED. Then, the moment they wanted to leave the lab, Gally the bully held out a gun to Thomas and a chubby kid I never mentioned, Chuck, took the bullet for Thomas. It was so sad.

And nothing was answered, except for WCKED.

The whole movie I kept on asking, “Why?” “What?” “What is going on?” and getting no answer.

I might have to read the novel. The movie confused me, and I was not amused.

The whole thing was like a maze, the whole movie was the maze, and Thomas was just running in it, dragging the audience with him. And just like him, we got no answer either in the lab. The only thing we knew was that Dr. Paige was still alive and not dead like she demonstrated in the welcome to the lab video; and apart from that, nada.

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