The Scorch Trials: Running, Climbing, and Upper Body Strength

by Devina Gunawan

They’re back, y’all. The gladers are back. And they’re looking better than ever.

So we start with the surviving gladers: Thomas, Minho, Newt, Frypan, Winston, and Teresa (I am sure I’m missing someone – but, there are too many of them to remember) being rescued and sent to a place where apparently, bunch of other maze children who survived were rescued and taken care of before they were sent to ‘a better place.’

It sounds sketchy, even to us audience who have never been in the maze.


Thomas, skeptical as usual, met Aris, a boy who came from an all-girl-maze. Aris showed Thomas that the lab took in human bodies, and he believed that nobody really left to a better place. The two boys also learned that this safe place they had been locked up in was a part of WCKED, and the real safe place where they would not be harmed for harvest would be a mysterious organization called Right Arm, and it was hidden somewhere in the mountains.

This discovery led Thomas to make an impulsive decision and drag all of his friends out to the Scorch, or the outside world, where none of them had been to in a long time.

Of course, WCKED kept on trying to find them and the boys, plus Teresa, had to run for their lives.

They found a shelter, where they thought they were safe, and took supplies for their journey. Yet when Thomas and Minho found the switch to lights and turned the lights on, they awakened all the Cranks (zombies) up.

They started running like they had never run before, and Winston got scratched on his way out. The wound ended up being an infection, and Winston begged his friends to let him kill himself before turning into a Crank.

Goodbye, Winston.

The rest of the group traveled again, with no real destination, much to everyone’s dismay. Thomas was leading them nowhere, and the kids weren’t dumb. That was, until Thomas found another shelter, which looked like it was run by normal humans from afar.

The team went to the shelter, more like they ran for their lives from a lightning storm, dragging Minho who got struck by lightning a few feet away from the door.

After Minho woke up from his lightning knock out, the team was greeted by Brenda, a cocky, tomboyish girl whose father ran the place and wanted to sell the gladers to Right Arm.

WCKED found them, however, and created chaos here and there. So again, the gladers had to run.

There was a lot of running, a lot of climbing, and definitely tests for upper body strength. I do not think I’ve seen this much running since Insurgent, and this much pain since the Hunger Games.


This movie has so much action in it that I don’t remember anything that is significant. There are plenty of awesome moments, which are easily forgotten, because they happen all the time. Minho has amazing stunts, and so much at that, that if I don’t try to think so hard on it I probably won’t remember. The same goes to the rest of the team.

The chemistry between Thomas and Teresa, I am still not feeling it. There are hints of Thomas having feelings for her, but apart from that, nothing much is done. Thomas might have memories of Teresa, but the movie does nothing to explain whatever happened before the maze.

The characters are lacking personalities. Nothing personal to the actors, but the kids followed Thomas almost blindly most of the time. There was barely any resistance. It was as if they had sworn loyalty to Thomas, and as if Thomas was the solution to everything.

Thomas is just the brave kid who might or might not have a clue on whatever that’s going on. Teresa is the girl who keeps secrets to herself and really likes making people hate her. Minho is the good, trustworthy friend who probably would make a better leader than Thomas if he tried. Newt is supposedly the voice of reason, but he really doesn’t say much. Aris is, totally different from what I’d imagined him to be like. Frypan is just there, and he is so safe that I kept on thinking a Crank might bite him and turn him anytime – no one would feel that bad, really.

One thing they all do so well though, is running. I imagine the actors had to workout before the filming or train in cross country. They can definitely run.

‘The Scorch Trials’ feels like a fitness test, and I feel exhausted watching it. However, in comparison to ‘the Maze Runner’ this is a step up. This is a much stronger movie, that even though it still doesn’t explain anything much, it shows us the world and what is going on in the Maze Runner Universe.

7/10, that’s what I’m giving ‘the Scorch Trials.’

2 thoughts on “The Scorch Trials: Running, Climbing, and Upper Body Strength

  1. i wondering if where is the little boy. They are suppose to be 8 but when winston died theyre already 6 (Thomas,aris,teresa,minho,nwet and siggy/frypan) what happend to the kid?

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