Hotel Transylvania: Zinged by a Human

by Devina Gunawan

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle for monsters. It was called Hotel Transylvania.

Dracula was the one in charge, and he raised his beautiful daughter there. After losing his wife to horrible men who despised his kind, Dracula built the castle to protect his one and only child, and have a safe haven for creatures like him. His mission was to isolate the daughter, Mavis, from the outside world.

However, when Mavis was becoming an adult, a young human named Jonathan (or Johnny) stumbled upon the castle and Dracula. Dracula, unable to send the boy away, decided to disguise him as a young monster and let him stay as long as he stayed away from trouble.

Johnny then ran into Mavis and the two zing-ed. Apparently a zing is a moment when two people see eye to eye and realize that they’re meant to be in love. It’s like a true love thing.

Dracula knew that he had to keep the two away from each other, and let Johnny get busy with Mavis’ upcoming birthday party planning. Unfortunately for Dracula, Johnny got along with the other monsters really well, and was in love with Mavis.

Eventually, Johnny’s cover was revealed and everyone knew that he was human.

Johnny left the castle and Mavis was heartbroken. Dracula knew, deep down, that Johnny could accept him and the monsters, yet he held on so tight to his hatred towards humans.

In the end, Dracula risked his life to get Johnny back and then reunite the boy with his daughter.

I enjoyed this movie so much. I don’t think there was any part in this movie that I hated when I was watching it. I loved the characters, and I could relate to them.


Johnny at first started out as this one dimensional character, as he was just the happy dude who was cool with everything. However, there were surprises in this movie as to his personality. He surprised the audience, I believe, when he challenged Dracula. His character though, all in all, was purely entertaining.

Dracula’s transformation in this movie was anticipated and well done. We all knew that he was going to change the moment we saw the beginning of the movie and how he swore to protect his daughter from anything. We knew that something big was going to happen and change his mind. And the struggle in his acceptance, the resistance was done beautifully.

The story might be cliche, and we all knew what was going on the whole time. However, there are certain elements in this movie that audience can enjoy. There are little surprises that almost tickle, and the unexpected connection we share with the characters.

I have seen this movie several times already since the released date, and I will still watch it whenever I get the chance. This movie is so entertaining and it’s full of love and warmth. It’s adventurous and funny, and it is romantic at the same time.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10, and a definitely re-watch-able.

Now, off to see Hotel Transylvania 2, and I’ll be back to write the review for that one.

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