A Day Back In My Roots

By Daniella Djiogan

It’s been awhile since I have seen myself in a traditional outfit…PROBABLY a heck of a long time. I rarely wear them these days because…well I only have about two of these gorgeous babies; clearly not enough to wear them all day every day.

Plus, I probably didn’t wear them for so long because they were stuck somewhere in my mess called a closet for like decades, and I recently found them while re-organizing my clothes since fall is sneaking up on us slowly but surely.

Anyways today, I decided to go African all the way. After-all, those are my roots….Whoop!


I had some of my fav. African playlist jamming

I had some delicious Cameroonian food

I wore one of my only two African dresses, and I had what you would call a BLAST!20150924_130355 (3)

If you thought fashion could  exist only in a certain milieu…well think again. There’s fashion in Culture. And I certainly love it!


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