From What I Hear, A Man Shouldn’t Look Into A Woman’s Bag

By Daniella Djiogan

While growing up, I always heard that a man shouldn’t peek into a woman’s bag. For the longest time, I thought to myself, why?

Then after my first period, I understood why.

Clearly, all women need that spare pad or tampon in their bag especially during that time of the month. And perhaps a spare pair of undie as well.

And for the men who can’t handle touching or seeing a wrapped pad, well this was specifically said for your safety…lol


Anyways, let’s not only talk about that painful crampy time of the month.

Let’s jump the rope and talk about something more refreshing like what else is in a woman’s bag… or at least what’s suppose to be in there.

Live by example, they always say. So, I shall do so

Here’s one of my bags
20150925_161803Cute right? You don’t have to agree with me, if you don’t..hehe

Below are some basic accessories inside my bag:

  • Lipstick for those dry lips
  • Face powder for that oily face..maybe
  • Sunglasses for that sunny day
  • Obviously can’t forget your keys and that cuteee key chain
  • Some tissue if you get a little sweaty perhaps
  • Earphones to avoid awkward moments in the bus or wherever you are
  • A Charger; because we don’t want to walk around with that dead phone battery which will unable us to access that recent facebook/instagram post…can’t have that!

We also need that spare change for that latte or tea at Starbucks, and most importantly a purse holding all my cards…which I didn’t include here for fear of identity theft…just kidding…lol 🙂

And yes, I still carry around a pen and a pencil… it’s always satisfying to be the one whose pencil is being borrowed than the one doing the borrowing..don’t you agree?

20150925_163016 (2)

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