Outfit in Spotlight: Casual and Chic

by Devina Gunawan

I got an Arrow dress the other day for 70% off, and I was so proud. I just had to wear it a couple days after I got it just because I was too excited. It was blue, and white polkadots.

Yes, I am forever in love with polkadots, for some reason. But then, to think about it, who isn’t?

So here is the layout of the outfit:

The thing about this dress is that it flaunts the curves from the side. So it’s really nice. I love it.

 My bracelet has always gotten plenty of attention, for I’m not sure what reason. But it’s pretty, and it’s Pineda Covalin.

 My purse is one of my favorites. It can be a bag, a journalist bag, and the color goes with mostly everything.

My sandals are by Andrew. I went on the site to check it out, but it was in Italian, so I’ll pass (till I master Italian, that is).

My glasses are by Ted Baker. A lot of people love the color of the frame, it’s maroon, because I’m an Aggie.

There’s a certain charm to this whole outfit. It’s a bit vintage, old, and blue. It’s simple and casual.

I didn’t do anything to my messy hair, so my apologies. Next time I might do something to my horrible hair and maybe it’ll look better. And perhaps next time I’ll put on makeup, if I can make it work.

But that’s about it, y’all. I love simplicity and just feeling comfortable in what I wear. This I’d wear to church, club meetings, or just to my favorite coffee shops to work.

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