Trends in Movies that Need to Take a Break

by Devina Gunawan

I love movies. If people spend money on clothes and shoes, I spend my money on food and movie tickets.

And they’re worth every dime. Although, lately I have been reconsidering my priorities. For some reasons lately, clothes look better than movies. After the fallout of Fantastic Four, I just decided, “Ah screw it. H&M is right around the corner.”

Now, there are several things that annoy me greatly lately.

  1. What is it with movies and best selling novels? And what is it with the last book being split into two movies? Why can’t we just have one movie for a book, unless if the last book is like 1000 pages or more? I do not get the whole Mockingjay being split into two movies. Firstly, the part one was redundant. Even if we don’t watch that one, and just watch the last movie, we’d be fine. It was like a breeze. They just stretched out the whole thing for more money. But what about making a good, a really good movie? Is it not important anymore?
  2. The whole ‘Romeo and Juliet’ inner conflict thing going on. The “We can’t be together, I’m too dangerous for you” type of deal breaker. For instance: Twilight, Twilight, Twilight, Host, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jupiter Ascending, and more.
  3. Weak female lead characters need to stop happening. Another one of damsel in distress character on screen and I’m going to lose my mind. I was so happy when I saw Divergent and Insurgent, because Tris is badass. She fights even better than the guys, and she doesn’t let anyone save her. She feels bad for what happened in Divergent, and she starts fighting back in Insurgent. Katniss is a good example too, but she ended up being a tool and just another love triangle victim. Don’t even get me started on Bella Swan or Anastasia Steele. We need more of Tris! We need more of strong, female characters. Bring me back Hermione Granger! This isn’t 1950s anymore, when the damsel in distress is still a trend. I appreciate the progress, but still, a lot of girls prefer the damsel in distress saved by a hunk.
  4. Cartoons are better than real live movies. I’d choose Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon, or Hotel Transylvania over any other movie. It is a bit sad to see that cartoons can act better than real live actors on screen.
  5. Comedy isn’t comedy anymore. Name me one movie that is truly funny nowadays. The last time I laughed out loud was during We’re the Millers and I swear I was one of the very few people who actually laughed. Today sarcasm is the new joke, and sure, we can live with that. But make sure it’s good.
  6. Twists in plots just for the sake of having them should be gone. Has anyone seen the Intern? That movie has no twist, people, nor climax. That is just a fluffy, nice, heartwarming movie to watch, and that’s about it. It’s safe and good, because it’s entertaining and it’s not trying too hard by pulling an unexpected, dumb twists.
  7. Unrealistic romances, please go away! We need connection, the ability to relate to the characters on screen. I have a huge problem with Twilight, because Bella barely knew Edward. He was just a gorgeous, sparkling vampire who said very little and had this mysterious aura. And out of the blue – voila! They were in love! How did that happen? I get it if it’s Bella falling for Edward just because he was hot, I mean, she was a teenager. But Edward? He was an old man! I know for a fact that it is possible for me to be so infatuated with a man, but then would I still be infatuated after he told me to stay away? Probably not.
  8. Love interests who share almost zero chemistry too, should not be in spotlight. I mean, zero, zero chemistry. I can even go as far as Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutch here, because the Hunger Games was lacking in the fact that those two had little chemistry. We need Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy!
  9. CGI effects that become the main budget vacuum, instead of the character development and interaction with audience. I see a lot of wonderful frames in movies, a lot of them. There are good uses of CGI, but then whatever happens to plots and characters? It’s like, “Oh that looks cool, we’re all good.” Or the fact that sometimes, a movie can be just about what looks good. “Can you imagine a castle surrounded by thorns and protected by a dragon in CGI? Yes? Okay, let’s do that! Someone please make up the plots and characters that fit into this!”

There are honestly a lot of things that bother me nowadays; however, how can I complain when movies are still my number one go to for entertainment?

I love movies, still, to this day. Also, despite spending my weekend throwing my bucks around in an H&M store, I still will spend more of my cash on movie tickets.

But do you agree? If y’all disagree, share some things that bother you and some that save movies for you with me. I’d love to hear opinions.

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