The Beauty of Traditional Patterns in Pineda Covalin

by Devina Gunawan

I love Pineda Covalin. I don’t have enough words to express just how much I love this fashion house, but I do have enough love to talk about it.

I believe I first got my Pineda Covalin in either 2012 or 2013, when mmy partner’s mom bought it for me, and I am forever grateful. 

Anything with patterns and that artistic is always something I would proudly keep. And I have witnessed just how beautiful Pineda Covalin is that many people who see me wear my bracelet have asked, “Where did you get that?”

I only have two Pineda Covalin, unfortunately, but I swear this number will grow in time.

I found the Instagram account the other day, and I’ve been planning on what I might get someday.  

Those bags. Those shoes. Everything! Those are stunning!

Someone please get me one of those items on sale!!!

I mean. Look at these posts! Their items are to die for! So beautiful!

I might do some online shopping if they have that set up. If you can look at these pictures and ignore the products, then salut to you. You must have wonderful self control, or you just aren’t into crazy, wild, beautiful patterns that Pineda Covalin is.

Meanwhile, I’m going to google it up and see if I can purchase something online.

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