I Think I Have A Strange YOYO Disorder

By Daniella Djiogan

I am one of those yoyo dieters who just keep losing and regaining that weight every single month.

I say every single month because for some weird reason I have a period of time or should I say a week where I just can’t keep my hands off food.

I stuff myself like a pig…I literally mean a pig..no kidding.

During that period of time, I can’t seem to have the zeal to stop myself from eating. It’s like I am an animal stocking up for the winter…in my case, for the days and weeks of dieting.

And it’s not like I am particularly hungry. It’s just that I distinctively crave any sort of food I can see and put my hands on.

I have always been a big craver (if that’s even a word).

As far as I can remember, I have always craved food. I have loved food. And I still love food.

You know you love food when you actually have a food song…”lalala…food is my bestfriend…lalala food, I love you” to be honest… I am very embarrassed right now.

As I was saying, I am a big foodie.

However, a few years in to my adult life, I started to develop this weird yoyo habit that seems to happen automatically every month.

For most people, yoyo dieting doesn’t have set schedule…mine does.

This once, I ate so much during that week that I puked. My body couldn’t contain all that junk, and rejected it. It was probably the first time I understood the whole bulimic disorder even though this was just a one time thing.

When it’s not that time of the month (sorry, I know this sounds like “that time of the month’ if you know what I mean), I can for the most part control what I eat. I still eat some junk, but not to that extremity.

Not to that point where I hate looking at myself in the mirror, not disappointed because I have gained weight, but rather distressed because I can’t discipline myself enough to maintain a steady weight.

They always say the first step is acknowledging you have some sort of disorder (if that’s even a disorder), before trying to deal with it.

So, I have acknowledge that I have a problem, and I am working on it by trying to reduce how much I eat during that time of the month.

My strategy = Distracting my mind.

I learnt a long time ago that keeping myself busy really decreases how much I eat out of boredom. So, I am trying extremely hard to keep myself busy especially now.

Image Source: http://hellogiggles.com/originals/one-week-diet-diaries/

2 thoughts on “I Think I Have A Strange YOYO Disorder

  1. I think we all have strange issues with food. There are some times for whatever period of time when all I want to eat is tuna on crackers on subs just have to have tuna for all my meals so you are not alone. Thanks for sharing


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