The Secret To Maintaining Your Weight Amidst That Yoyo Disorder

By Daniella Djiogan

If you read my previous post, you probably already know that I have a very distinctive type of yoyo diet. If you haven’t read it..Click here

So, in-order to keep my weight stable for the most part, I dance. It’s as easy as that…I dance.

I am not a professional dancer, nor can I dance better than most people. I just enjoy losing a few calories by doing what I love doing, moving my body.

I am a fan of Shaun T’s Insanity and I try to follow the program, but sometimes, I can be pretty lazy. If you can’t fully enjoy what you are doing, then that’s a problem because you wouldn’t be motivated enough to do it.

I love exercising with Shaun T’s Insanity [wanna know more about this workout, Click here ], but more than that I really enjoy Zumba; the ultimate blend between fitness and dance.

It’s a fun way to lose that extra weight without feeling like you are exercising. It’s certainly the best of both worlds.

I especially love a Zumba workout inspired by a Latin/African routine because the music is very fast-paced and it just gets me moving instantly.

It makes me sweat, and I get that feeling of accomplishment after a nice Zumba workout.

Another thing I love about it is that because I love it so much, I turn to use it to relieve stress because while dancing.

It makes me forget all my worries as I lose myself in the music.

If you are one that dislike obvious workout and enjoy dancing, clearly Zumba is your ‘soul mate’…workout wise~

Below is my favorite Zumba workout, check it out!

I know the workout is about 50 mins long, way too long for some of us.

So, what I do is that I sometimes divide it into a couple of days…especially when I don’t have that much time.

It’s much easier and enjoyable to workout when you don’t feel like it’s being chuck down your throat or rather that you are obligated to do it.

Working out should be fun!



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