DIY: Ripped Jeans: I Did It Myself #DIM

By Daniella Djiogan

What will you need?

A pair of jean, any sort will do. I used this one particular jean because I thought it looked too dull for its own good. It was just thereeee~.

When I first bought it, I was contented. I loved that it did fit me perfectly, since it is such a pain for me to find jeans that actually fit well. I also loved the elastic on it.

However, as time went by, it just sat in my closet like some of my clothes. I would look at it and sigh* Clearly, its purpose was close to non-existence till yesterday when I spontaneously decided to rip it.

The ripped jean trend has been there for quite awhile, and I had thought of buying an already made one. However, as an online shopping fanatic, I was unsure about whether they would fit me if I bought it. Also, the price seemed rather on the high end for some. So, my decision to rip this denim short was nicely justified by those two reasons.

Personally, I had never done this before, but I was like…’Hey! why not give it a try’. I thought of it as a henna design, where you can’t really go wrong when doing it.

I literally took a pair of scissors, a pencil (which I really didn’t use), a needle & thread.

This is how it started off as

Then, I folded the ends more to shorten the pants in order to give it a little more of that feminine vibe. After folding, I used the needle and thread to sew the ends. I also started ripping it on one side as you can see below.

I repeated the same thing on the other side, but not making it too similar to the other side. One needs some diversity..hehe~
20151004_135250At first thought, the picture above looked like what I had envisioned. However, in the split of a second, I decided to rip the folded ends in order to make it more sexy and comfy…specially made for home relaxation.

Below is how the end product looks…I really love the result! 20151004_145049

By the way, what do you think….good, or not your taste???

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