TV Shows’ Relationships I Love Most

By Devina Gunawan

I’m a big TV show/movie junkie. I am someone who goes to the movies during lunch breaks, review movies I’ve seen, and analyze things that probably mean nothing. I’m one of those couch potatoes on Saturdays and Sundays, binging on TV show marathon and ‘me’ time. I’m not even ashamed to say that the movie theater and TV are my best friends.

Both movies and TV shows need strong elements to keep audience interested. If you’re interested in beautiful settings like me, you’ll appreciate Age of Adaline, for instance. There are many things that we love on screen that keep us faithful as audience. And one of the things that would keep me interested in a show is a good relationship. A good, solid relationship between two or more characters.

Try to watch a show with weak relationships, and I can guarantee you that you will get tired of it soon. Relationships define many things. Every savior needs someone to believe in his or her power, and that takes a relationship. Every villain has relationships that build or bring down him or her.

So here is a list of some of the greatest relationships on TV (in my opinion):
1. Barry and Joe, the Flash 


Joe took little Barry under his care when Barry lost both his parents, mother died and father arrested, and had been a father figure to Barry ever since. I love a parent child relationship in a TV show, a good, strong relationship that is. And this is one of the sweetest, most realistic relationships I’d seen on screen. Joe, despite knowing that Barry has super speed and can look after himself, refuses to leave Barry alone because Barry is his ‘son.’ I love their relationship more than I do Joe and Iris, his daughter.

2. Emma and Regina, Once Upon a Time


The savior and the evil queen as best friends? This only happens on Once Upon A Time, y’all. These two girls have gotten so far, from trying to kill each other to trusting each other with their lives. It is beautiful, the fact that they have people they prefer to trust, but in the end always end up trusting each other more. They also will do anything to protect their son, Henry, and the strength of mothers is incredible. Also, the bond! The bond from protecting their son is unbreakable.

3. Merlin and Arthur, Merlin


In my opinion, this is the best bromance ever on TV. You can have others on mind, but this is it for me. Merlin has been my favorite show, and Colin Morgan has been one of the best actors who can actually get me to cry with him whenever he sheds tears. In the show, Merlin has to keep his secret as a sorcerer from Arthur, while using his powers to protect and save Arthur from danger. At first, Merlin and Arthur hate each other. But in time, the two grow to trust each other and care for each other so much that the audience root for them more than they do Arthur and Gwen. These two boys would risk their lives for each other, and it’s beautiful. Their friendship is the main force in the show, and until now, I cannot think of a stronger friendship than Merlin-Arthur bromance.

4. Olivia and Ravi, iZombie 


Imagine turning into a zombie sometime before your wedding. Imagine having to end your engagement, stay away from your family and friends, quit your job, and isolate yourself from the world. Imagine going through that for months. Then imagine having your new boss confront you about knowing your secret, and he’s totally cool with it. Even better, he is excited about finding the cure for you and protects your secret like he does his life. If that isn’t a friendship goal, I don’t know what is. Ravi is the ultimate best friend. I wish I had a friend like him. They’re also a ship, and they’re called Ravioli.

5.  Sharon and Rusty, Major Crimes 


A mother-son relationship is one of the best things in the world, and I fell in love with Major Crimes when I watched an episode in which Sharon told Rusty, a teenage boy she was protecting, that she loved him. I cheered when Rusty agreed to be adopted by Sharon, and I was crying in joy when he told her that he loved her. If you watch the show, you know that Rusty was abandoned by his mother, and he never had a mother’s love before until he started living with Sharon. I still tear up a little whenever I think of them.

6. Scott and Stiles, Teen Wolf 


Stiles Stilinski. I have no enough words in the world to describe how much I love him, and how badly I wish to have a best friend like him. Scott, his best friend, got bitten and cursed as a werewolf, and he stands by Scott through thick and thin. He risks his life for Scott, even when Scott loses control and tries to kill him. This friendship is gold. Also, Stiles Stilinski is the voice of reason and the heart of Teen Wolf. I just had to point it out just because, I love him so much.

7. Elijah, Niklaus, and Rebekahthe Originals


Admit it! You love Elijah and Niklaus and Rebekah! I used to root for the Salvatore brothers more, but then come to think of it, the Michaelsons had been together for a thousand years! “Forever and always” seems a bit crazy when it comes to these three, but then they really do stick together. They go on and off sometimes, there are times when they try to put one another to ‘sleep’, but in the end, they always come around. They really do love each other despite everything. Because really, if your brother is Niklaus, what are the chances that you’ll stand by him through thick and thin?

There are many more relationships that keep me interested and in love with some TV shows. I mean, there are reasons why I am such a couch potato during the weekends. But this is my top list at the moment.

If you have others that you think are worth watching, please share with me. I’d love to hear your opinion!

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