Reality TV Show Review: Dash Dolls

by Devina Gunawan

People go crazy over ‘Dash Dolls’ when it premiered. The Kardashians have been the rulers of reality TV shows, and they are not giving up their throne to anyone.

Some people are angry with this show because they are tired of the Kardashians being ubiquitous. But again, if you don’t like them, why do you watch the shows?

I am not embarrassed to say that I watch the Kardashians, and I’d been watching them since I was a teenager. The thing about their shows is that they are a good break from written, magical fantasies that regular TV shows offer. They are a family, and they face problems that other people face. Because it’s a reality show.

It is not that we envy their life, but it is just a good break to tune in and laugh at their drama. We can relate to them, and in them, we see ourselves being able to laugh at daily problems that we usually will cry over for days.

So I want to talk about Dash Dolls because it’s new and just like the parent show, full of drama. Now, we do not get the full blown in-your-face kind of drama that we get in the Kardashian-Jenner family, but a more of a professional/casual friendship among the Dash dolls.

We have Malika Haqq and Khadijah Haqq McCray, twin sisters who are best friends with the Kardashian sisters, who are managing the Dash store. They are beautiful, and we have seen them in the Kardashian shows, so we are familiar with their faces. In this show, we get to see more of them doing their jobs and looking out after the Dash dolls.

The Kardashian sisters also show up every now and then, and I think it is to keep themselves a part of the show. To be honest, having Khloe on screen getting mad at the dolls was the one thing I looked forward to in episode 3. The sisters, whether they are a part of the show or not, are still the most interesting ones.

We then have the dolls. We have the Intagram famous, beautiful Durrani, a Kim look-alike who is envied by her friends and has a boyfriend who bought her a $200,000 Bentley on her birthday. She is the most interesting one in the show, people, and I do not think that I should like her as much as I do. A lot of drama seems to revolve around her, so we follow her around if we want the drama.

The other dolls are not as interesting, and it is a bit sad to say this. There is Taylor, a model material, cool girl who got stuck in a long term relationship she really isn’t into anymore. There is Stephanie, the youngest of the dolls, who is stuck in a long term relationship with her first love and can’t leave him despite not liking his destructive habits.

Yes, we have beautiful girls who are stuck in long term relationships with men who do not treat them well. The worst part is that they let the men hurt them. I am not even mildly interested in their stories, but they just happen to be there to watch.

There is Lexi, a jealous, petty girl who tries to get Durrani in trouble whenever she can. I do not know if this show is 100% scripted, but if Lexi is trying to play genuine and sincere when she apologizes to the other dolls, then she just simply can’t act.

There is Nazy, a beautiful and confidant girl who is blunt. She confronts Lexi when she finds out that Lexi tells Khloe that “Nazy and Durrani are playing mean girls.” I like her, she is one you should not mess with.

Then there are Melody and Caroline, who are the chilled ones in the house. They are such good supports, but that is all there is to say about them, so far.

Dash Dolls has potentials, I have to say that; however, it seems like the producers are trying too hard to dig in the drama. These girls are just normal girls living together and working together, and there isn’t crazy drama like the what we could find in the Kardashian household.

The Kardashians are celebrities, established, world known celebrities. These are people who face blackmails, sex tape scandal, stalker type of issues everyday, and they are family. This is why their life is interesting in spotlight.

Dash dolls though, are not. Their relationship isn’t blood because they are just coworkers, and their drama isn’t as extreme as that of ‘in spotlight’ celebrity status Kardashians.

These are just some of the weak points of Dash Dolls. Overall I find them still interesting. I don’t automatically turn off the TV when it’s on, I just simply watch it because it’s not boring, and it has potentials to be more.

I am still waiting for this show to pick up its pace and step up their game. Really, there are ways this show can be more interesting, and I hope it’ll be explored.

Fashionistas might love this show by the way, I just had to put it out there.

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