Why Optimism is Important

by Devina Gunawan

Witnessing one’s world fall apart is a nightmare. Everyone fears living in the dark, being abandoned by loved ones, losing jobs, not being able to pay the bills, and not knowing what to do or what is going on.

The most difficult thing to do is to see the light in the pitch black situation. Reading inspirational quotes and messages does not do the magic. Those things that used to make one smile have lost their charms and tricks.

Nobody can see the hope when hope has failed him or her many times. Nobody can see the good in him or herself when everything done has gone awfully wrong.

There is no way one can keep on believing that things will turn around when everything is going downhill.

Some people might be able to calm themselves down and clear their heads. But the moment things turn sour again, they will lose it.

They say “Positive outcomes only,” or “Stay optimistic,” but who truly listens?

Optimism is not guaranteed to change one’s life. It is not a ticket to miracles. Some of the most optimistic people out there face the worst of luck. Just because one is optimistic, does not mean one lives the life of a king.

But optimism is important. Optimism is an ability to see the good in something, to hope, and to believe that there will be light in the darkest turns.

It is not to pray that one will be saved by miracles. It is not a spell to end the cursed situations.

It is, first and foremost, an ability to see the inner strength of the fallen. It is faith in oneself. It is to believe that one can strive, that one will survive the worst times. It is not about what is going on around him or her, but what is inside.

Optimism is the deepest core, the acknowledgement that one is stronger than one thinks. It is the belief that is independent from what others say, that one can win against all the pain and conflicts. It is the voice that says, “Yes, you can do this.”

It is gratitude. Optimism does not condemn but shows appreciation towards life. It accepts everything that passes by and forgives, and it is a reminder that everything bad will come to an end. There is a wheel of fortune and optimism knows it.

It holds no grudge, because it believes in goodness in oneself. And it is happiness, because it is love and acceptance.

In the worst times, it can be the most difficult thing to have, and it is understood that not everyone has the ability to see the light in everything. However, if one can embrace optimism and move forward, then one can go through any challenge.

Everyone should start with man in the mirror, that the only way things can change is when one is willing to look in the mirror and correct what is reflected back. Optimism will not change the situation, but it changes how one views the situation.

And when that happens, one will eventually come out as a winner. Because when one loses all light and refuses optimism, who will fight the battle?

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