Go Cinema Sins if You Haven’t

by Devina Gunawan

Warning: This is for the skeptical minds and sarcastic divas.

They read our minds. I kid you not. A lot of the times when I watch a movie, I ask tons of question like, “How did it get there?” “How could that possibly happen?” “Wait, that’s not possible, is it?” “He should have fallen! How could he reach it?”

Some things in movies don’t make sense. Sometimes it seems like we are given time jumps or just a hole that could be of anything, really. Sometimes their arguments sound stupid, and sometimes the action scenes just don’t click.

So we are left with burning questions. How? Why? When? Where? What? Huh?

Well, for all those questions we have Cinema Sins. I was introduced to this by my best friend, and the first one he showed me?

Twilight. And I was hooked immediately. Cinema Sins made me laugh, especially when it’s Twilight. Here are few of their uploads that I recommend:

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