I gave Dash Dolls three and a half episodes and finally gave up

by Devina Gunawan

I wrote the other day about Dash Dolls, click here for Review: Dash Dolls and I mentioned how the show had potentials and that if the writers took it to a good direction, it would do well.

I changed my mind.

The fourth episode of Dash Dolls was almost unbearable. Personally, I did not hate it, but I just couldn’t go through with it. After a good half an hour, I decided to change the channel and watch the Big Bang Theory instead.

I apologize for not going through with it, but the show is missing the beats.

First of all, here are some good things about a TV show, any kind of show:

  1. A main attraction. In this case, that is Durrani. I do not know if the producers notice but that girl is the most interesting character. She is child like and envied by a lot of the girls. She is attractive, and she actually carries drama here and there due to her personality. So not having her in an episode does not help the show.
  2. Chemistry. The girls aren’t related by blood. Let me compare this to the Keeping up with the Kardashians again, because the Kardashian family is all by blood. One of these girls can be fired one day and we won’t be seeing her ever again. They aren’t as loving or supportive. When they are angry there are boundaries. Why? Because they’re not real family.
  3. Relevance. We don’t know these girls. We don’t know who they are, their families, their boyfriends, or anything about them. It’d be nice to have a backbone, which is the drama among them. This episode focuses more on Malika’s love relationship and Caroline’s relationship with her mom. There is a bit of Stefanie’s getting promoted, and since I haven’t seen the whole thing, I don’t know what else happens. However, the two focus points got on my nerves because I don’t even know whom Malika’s dating. I also didn’t notice Caroline existed until this episode, because there wasn’t much of her to begin with in the previous episodes.
  4. Real drama. The title is Dash Dolls. It should be about them and their drama, or how they stick together and support each other. I get that the girls are there for Caroline when she’s dealing with her mother, but it’s not strong enough to establish the drama the show needs to keep an audience. At least, in my opinion that is.

Until this show gets these things right again, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in. Perhaps the producers are still trying to figure out what gets audience and what doesn’t, so I hope they won’t take too long.

It’s nice to have the Kardashian girls involved, but it’s not the only thing that can save the show. Meanwhile, I’m more interested in what Kourtney is going through after her breakup with Scott.

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