Let’s Be Amazed Together and Listen to Demi Lovato’s Stone Cold (Live in Studio)

by Devina Gunawan

Has anyone else thought that Demi Lovato is a underrated? She can sing, with or without auto tune.

This girl has so much to offer. Her talents are incredible, and for some reason, her name isn’t above other artists. Well, Taylor Swift writes her songs, so I can’t really complain about her being the queen now.

She sounds amazing live, and it’s one of the best qualities we can find in a singer.

Demi is a real artist, and she has been real. In my opinion, that is. A lot of singers have changed so much, following beauty trends to please the fans.

Demi, however, is honest. She was honest few years back when she talked about her disorder and problems, and she was honest in her recovery. She learned from her mistakes and moved forward.

And the most important thing, remember that she is a singer, and she has one of the most powerful vocals I’ve known.

So, Stone Cold, live in studio, is amazing.

To those who say that Demi cannot sing… IN YOUR FACE!

It is difficult to sing live and hit the right notes. She was screaming a little, but then she hit the notes and I had no problem with it.

She also put her heart into the song. You can feel her emotions flowing in. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful, and I replayed it many times over and over again.

This is one of her best performances so far, and I am in love with this performance. If you have not listened to it, here is the link to it. Demi Lovato deserves a top spot in your playlist, and if you disagree, just give this a play.

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