My Fear of Freedom

By Daniella Djiogan

I am trapped, imprisoned

Not the way you think

Not with chains and iron bars

Not in a small cell with strangers on either side

NO! I am trapped in my own house

In the four walls of my room where I sleep day-in day-out

I am my own prisoner and guard

I may choose to escape, but I fear something

Something which might leave me broken for life

Something which might make me regret my decision to escape

Something which terrifies me

And at the same time forces me to enjoy my prisoned life

Something which constantly reminds me “Oh! It could be worst out there”

Should I take the gamble, or should I play it safe…but till when?

So, here I am…wondering whether to escape or not

As I look at the key that lies on my right palm

Shake my head, let out a big sigh, and agree “It’s not yet time”.

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