My Embarrassing Library Story

By Daniella Djiogan

Have you ever been in a library or in a quiet environment and your stomach starts growling even though you are not particularly hungry? Talk about being embarrassed.

This once, I was sitting in the library, obviously reading because I don’t just go to the library to have fun or check out people…that will be weird.

You know how the library gets during exam season right…quiet…that’s how the library was that day. Or as some say, perhaps a ghost was roaming around that day because it was super quiet. You could probably hear a pencil drop from the other side of the library.

Anyways, as you can probably guess where my story is going, my stomach started growling uncontrollable. It just wouldn’t stop.

Everyone turned or at least that’s what my mind insinuated….because I had decided to sink my head inside my book in order to make it seem like it wasn’t me.

I mean, who would admit it was them?

In the past, when it sometimes happened in class, especially in that morning class, I would just quietly say “oh, I guess I must be hungry”. But I would say it in a voice that would allow the people around me to hear and sympathize with my hunger at that time of the morning.

However, the situation was a little different now. I was in a public library and it was a time when the sun had long risen and I was surrounded by strangers of all ages.

Of course I was embarrassed. So, I made it seem like it wasn’t me even though the sound of my stomach growling grew louder with every growl.

But to my amazement, it stopped.

I was so relief that instead of taking a sip of water before going back to reading [because that usually helps calm the whole thing out], I decided to skip the water and keep reading.

BIG mistake; because after just 10 mins, I wanted to crawl into a hole.  And this time it was clear that it wouldn’t be stopping any time soon.

I tried tightening my fists, biting the tips of my pinky finger, drinking sips of water…nothing worked.

At this point, I couldn’t even read…If you were ever in such a situation like this, you would understand just how embarrassed I was.

Thankfully, minutes later, I was saved by a baby’s wail which eventually overshadowed the sound of my stomach, giving me ample amount of time to sneak out the library without been noticed.

Talk about being saved from a #major-embarrassing moment.



Disclaimer: The image doesn’t belong to me.

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