Best Looks: Music and Fashion, hand in hand

by Devina Gunawan

Here’s your chance to go inside my head. I like watching music video clips, and I love pretty outfits. So here are some of the songs I love most, with some of the best looks (in my opinion) to die for. Let’s listen to music together and witness beautiful fashion.

Selena Gomez: Same Old Love 

That oversized sweater, that black dress, and those shoes will be the death of me. Selena is known for being classy and elegant, and I want whatever she has in her closet. This look seems affordable too, and I am sure a lot of us can try digging into our closets and find an oversized sweater and a cute black dress to get this.

Pixie Lott: Gravity

The dance outfit is going to kill me soon if I do not have it. I’ve been on a hunt, y’all, to find this outfit. I don’t know when I will ever get to wear it, and I don’t care. I just want it.

Sara Bareilles: Love Song

I want her black dress, and the white one too. Both dresses are so beautiful, and very chic. It is Sara Bareilles, so obviously this is the kind of look that goes well casual or professional. I am also up for anything vintage, anything that looks like some old lady passes down to her daughter, I am up for it!

Indila: Tourner Dans La Vide

That white dress is to die for. Indila has the beautiful figure, the right curves to pull it off, and I wish I had that. It also didn’t help that I played this song too many times and had seen the video too many times over and over again: that dress is just stuck in my head. It’s been on my “wanted” list since last year.

Adele: Rolling in the Deep 

Headband. Shoes. Dress. Hair. Adele is looking like what she’s been to music industry: a queen. She is a true music royalty, and she always looks like one to be fair; but this look must be one of my favorites because I’ve been buying headbands ever since this song came out.

Jessie J: Bang Bang 

I know it’s a song of Jessie, Ariana, and Nicki. But really, Jessie’s opening outfit in this song kills it. It is so hot and so classy, I don’t like it- I love it. I have been hunting for this outfit for a while now, and I am not going to stop looking until I get it. I know, that suspenders are nightmares, but Jessie still looks amazing!

Taylor Swift: Begin Again 

I literally bled when I saw the blue outfit in the coffee shop in this video. Taylor is blessed. She truly is a blessed young lady with the right figure and the right everything to wear that outfit. I probably will never be able to pull it off, let’s be honest here, but I still will look for that skirt.

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