I Can’t Figure It Out

By Daniella Djiogan

I tilt my head side to side

In hopes of stumbling onto an idea

But I have no luck

I can’t figure out what to do


Would you tell me already?

Figuring it out hurts my head

And I am not used to it

Shouldn’t it come as painlessly as grabbing a bite?


I have tried…and now I can’t

I haven’t given up

But I can’t keep hurting myself

I am taking a break…whether you like it or not


Actually, scratch out the previous line

I am not mad…just frustrated

I just can’t keep doing the same thing over and over

No results hurts more than bad ones…sometimes


I hope you understand me a little

Not much, just enough to see why I can’t go on

I really can’t figure it out

And it pains me to admit it.

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