7 Eerie African Superstitions (Happy Early Halloween!)

Disclaimer: Hey Guys…Before you dive in to the list below, just wanted to let you know that these are purely superstitions which might or might not have any truth to them. Also, some of these might be shocking, or might leave you saying “Omg! I can’t believe these Africans” or “I can’t believe all Africans think/believe in this”…#NOT TRUE. I just generalized this for simplicity sake. Plus some of these might just be geared toward a specific tribe, not a country, and certainly not a continent. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment & like (If you actually did like it)…hehe~

By the way, Happy Early Halloween!

1.) If a bat bites a woman, she would never give birth.


2.) If a black cat walk in-front of you; It will bring you bad luck.


3.) If you see a certain type of witch doctor, you will die.

Lassa_witch_doctors 4.) If you hear a dog barking at night; Witches are close by.


5.) It is bad luck to cut your nails at night.


6.) If you point at a cemetery…you might be inviting ghosts.


7.) If you whistle at night; beware, someone might start whistling along with you. 


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