Sad But Better Off

By Daniella Djiogan

My life is sad

But theirs is sadder

I have all they desire

But they have none of mine

I guess suffering (a hard life) is not one thing I envy


They lack the physical desires of this world

I lack its spirituality

Peacefulness is one thing I crave

And one thing they possess more than me


I am thankful for what I have

But less thankful than I should be

I don’t deserve them all

So, I plan to someday share with them


This life is strange isn’t it?

It gives to some as if it took from another

And it takes from some as if punished

As if their crimes were unforgivable.


Yes, it makes us different

Similar in all but difference

Our lives are sad for different reasons

Our fortunes are poles apart

And our sadness reflects a different side of a mirror called life.

(Photo : Pixabay)

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