Bridge of Spies: One Battle for all 

by Devina Gunawan

Despite writing this the same week I’d gone and seen the movie, I forgot to publish it and now it’s out late. Apologies for the horrible timing, everyone.

Tom Hanks starring in a movie? My first thought was, “Let’s go.”

Bridge of Spies tells a story of an old man, a former Soviet Union spy who is currently in the States, living life like a normal civilian without important government information at his disposal. His name is Abel.

One day the task force barges into his place and arrests him, submitting him to the mercy of the biased judgment of the justice court.

An advocat specializing in insurance policy is informed of the special case of “a Russian spy in our hands” and he is interested. This guy is Jim Donovan, a man of integrity and pride when it comes to his career and justice.

Donovan then reaches out to Abel, who is very quiet in giving in information and a charm in his own ways. He takes the case as any true professional does, without harassing or betraying his client.

Despite everyone around him telling him to not fight so hard but just put a face as a show that “we let him be defended before he goes down”, Donovan refuses to let the case go that easy. When everyone tells him he shouldn’t side with a non American spy, he follows his guts and keeps on fighting to keep Abel alive.

The whole city attacks Donovan and his family, and everyone he cares about shuts him out because he “betrays” the country.

Then Donovan is summoned to finish the case and to bring back an American spy who is captured in Russia. As long as it is an eye for an eye, a spy for a spy, the deal will go smoothly.

Unfortunately, an American student is held captive and Donovan has to choose from the two American boys, which one to save – unless he can work something out and save both, as well as Abel.

This movie is intense, and very well done. I am swayed, and it doesn’t happen very often. Everyone’s performance is splendid, and the tone of the movie is very appropriate in each scene.

There is just one scene that I’m not a big fan of, and that is when Donovan and Abel are having a conversation, Donovan paces back and forth around the room, where the windows are facing direct sun. That scene hurts my eyes.

But apart from that scene, everything else is shot beautifully.

The story line touches a lot of the political issues and borders, and it works well. It depicts the life of the civilians and the struggles in flashes, but the audience can feel the pain and the cold shutters.

Tom Hanks delivered! He portrays Donovan perfectly. He shows the quiet struggles without having to say a word. Donovan is a tough, calculating man. He does not show pain and keeps a lot to himself; and one needs an amazing actor to portray such character.

I am pleased to say that Bridge of Spies made it to one of the most entertaining movies I’d seen so far. And I love it.

Will definitely watch it again when I get the chance.

Bridge of Spies got a 9/10. I know it’s been awhile, but if you still haven’t seen it, go for it.

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