Reasons why asking relationship advice from your sibling(s) might and might not be the best idea

by Devina Gunawan


  1. You know their stories. There will be times when you ask your sibling, “What should I do to save my relationship?” and remember that s/he has a dozen relationships that already fell apart.
  2. They know your stories. So don’t expect sympathy. When my baby sister talked about her problems with her boyfriend, my first thought would be, “Poor guy…” and the same goes to my baby brother. Before he even said anything I’d say, “I know you. Now, you hurt that poor girl and I will break your neck.”
  3. If your sibling is overprotective, chances are, your partner will get beaten up or suddenly go missing. Once, a douche broke my sister’s heart. My first thought was to give him a piece of my mind and send him death threats. However, my sister talked me out of it, lucky for the jerk.
  4. Your sibling is tired of hearing your stories. You grow up together, you share secrets, and you talk about probably the same things over and over again. They probably can point out, “You always have the same problem in relationship.” Because they have the same story repeated a million times over. And they will give you the best advice, which will hurt the most, and you aren’t ready to hear yet.


  1. Your sibling will tell you the truth of what they think of you. Now, for some of us, this is death. But to others, this is actually a good idea.
  2. Your sibling will beat up the jerk who hurts you.

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