Adele’s Hello: LIVE

by Devina Gunawan

Have you listened to this?

A lot of people have commented that Adele sounds tired and that her vocals weakened. Some even went too far and said that what made Adele a great singer was just the publicity, and not her own talents.

Now, I know that everyone has got different opinions, but mine says differently.

I think this performance was well done, and Adele sang beautifully.

The first time I ever heard of Adele was when my sister and her friends asked me to choreograph a dance routine for them. It was contemporary dance, and they picked out ‘Chasing Pavement’ as their song. To be honest, I didn’t know Adele. Call it the high school pressure of getting into good university and getting good grades, I simply didn’t have time to listen to Billboard chart and I did not know Adele.

However, the first time ‘Chasing Pavement’ was played in my living room, it won over my heart.

I thought, right away, that I would love to see how this girl looked like. And when I saw her, I didn’t feel the vibe that I did when I first saw Beyonce. But, I could see talents.

And ever since then, I had been following Adele faithfully.

It was no publicity, I did not hear her songs repeatedly played on radio, nor was it popping everywhere like it was desperately asking for attention.

I simply had to listen to her song because of a dance routine, and it was enough to steal my heart and hand it over to Adele.

So no, it was no publicity. I reckoned a talent when I heard one.

And this performance, considering that Adele hasn’t been out in public for awhile now, is good. I would not say excellent yet, because I believe the next uploaded one will be better. Knowing Adele, that is.

She did well for the first comeback. Some pitch issues did bother me a little, but then overall, this was a good watch!

What do you think?

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