Empire: Taking over the Playlist

by Devina Gunawan

Daniella and I love ‘Empire’. And it is for good reasons. Musically magical, crazy wild ride, insane plot type of good reasons. The actors are so gifted, and I can’t change the TV channel whenever ‘Empire’ is on. It is that good.

And lately, I’ve been playing their songs in playlist because… well, you judge.

Mind blowing.

When I heard the track for the first time, as Lucious was offering Hakeem the song, I was in love right away. I knew then that whatever lyrics written up for this track, I’d get blown away.

So when Lucious and Freda started recording the song, I lost my mind and went on Youtube right away.

Put Jamal in anything, let him sing anything, and I will listen.

Put Hakeem in spotlight, and my heart is won over.

Put the two of them together, and you have a winner. I’m gone, baby.

And at last, Jamal singing his heart out about his childhood always breaks my heart. I cried when I listened to this song, and I wish I could give Jussie Smollett a hug. I wished I could meet him in person and just tell him, “Let’s be best friends. I will make sure you’re happy.” But of course, that would never happen.

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