Things from Childhood that I Regretted Not Fighting for and Fighting for

by Devina Gunawan

Remember when we were younger, crying over a toy that our parents swore to never buy us? I remember ten years ago crying over a lot of things when my parents told me, “Sweetie, when you’re older, years from now, you’ll regret asking for this toy. If we buy this for you, trust us, you will see later on that the money would have been better spent on something else.”

“Something educational, for instance,” they would add.

Now, I stare at a $200 worth of a light saber and bleed.

So I gave my parents a call only to tell them, “Dad, do you remember the light saber I asked you to get me ten years ago?”

“Yeah. I regret not fighting for that harder.”

Then, that light saber took me ten years back. Other than that light saber, there are several other things I wish I had fought for.

  1. Cheerleading. I probably was not meant to be a cheer leader, and that’s okay. But sometimes, I regret giving up on it so quickly. Now, why didn’t I go on with it? Right, because I’d have to go home late and I was so content going home to playing Sims.
  2. Harry Potter Costume. Why did I not buy that Hogwarts cape when I was in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Why was I content with the Butterbeer mug? I could have bought it, and even my mom told me I could, but I thought I’d be a good kid and not buy it. Now, looking back, I wish I had grabbed one and taken it to the cashier.
  3. Figure skating. My parents were so sure that my clumsiness would lead to me falling flat on my back if I tried figure skating. Chances are, they were right. Problem with that, however, is that I grew up scared on ice without someone holding my hands. Now, I’m the main joke on ice. Ask Daniella for details.
  4. Video games. I do not have the endurance that my friends do when it comes to video games and online gaming. Why? I was trained to not be. I was trained to be a pianist, a dancer, a competitive child, and not a gamer. But I wish I had fought for playing video games when I was younger, because right now a part of me misses the earlier years when I was still fit and able to stay awake for days of Diablo.
  5. Guitar. I had this belief that if I started playing guitar, my piano playing would get corrupted. I always had to clip my nails, I barely had nail polish on, and I made sure my fingernails would never hurt my beautiful keys. Then, when I was older I realized that even though I loved my piano to death, I could never carry it around like people would their guitars. Damn.
  6. The cool Disney Merlin hat. I eyed those hats whenever I visited Epcot. I wanted one so bad. Either that, or the Goofy hat. I wish I had bought one. Now I can only stare at lucky people who wear them in public. Lucky you, your childhood must have been wonderful.
  7. A huge Teddy bear. It makes a wonderful pillow, right? I really should’ve gotten one.
  8. Lego. I spotted a discounted big box of Avengers Lego the other day. And even with the discounts, it was $120. My heart broke into many pieces. Why didn’t I invest more in Lego?

Things I regret keeping however, exist too:

  1. Barbie. What was I thinking? Why was I so attracted to having Barbie dolls? Was it that everyone had one?
  2. Happy Meal toys. I still buy them. It’s such a horrible habit. I started buying those when I was a kid, and I still keep that habit until now. It’s such a waste of money come to think of it. But really, McD knows how to win over my heart with the toys. It was only few months back when I was fighting over who could get the last Minion toy with a five year old boy by the McD counter. Talking about embarrassment.
  3. Comic books. Anime, to be exact. I know it’s a big thing and everything, and a lot of my friends are still into Anime. But I got so tired of it. It’s like, they recycle same stories, over and over again. I have a collection of at least 3,000 manga books, and I wish I could sell them or have a bonfire now. They’re filling up the space in my room.

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