Ten Things We Hopefully Will Have Mastered by 25

by Devina Gunawan

Why 25? Well, it’s just because that’s a goal. That’s the age when girls start complaining about metabolism slowing down and skin problems showing up. That’s also when our IQ is supposedly at its best, and it’s when we look our best. Supposedly, your 25th year is the age of your looking like a diamond.

  1. Budgeting. Seeing how things have been going for me and how stingy I’ve grown with my money, I think by the time I’m 25, I will have mastered Budgeting 101. This is with the exception of stress shopping, of course. Oh, and food. I don’t ever stop spending on foods and snacks. But maybe we can look away from the Lego sets now.
  2. Avoiding the whole “When will you get married” talk. I will be so good at this that people won’t even be able to figure out what in the world I have on my agenda. It will be, “Interesting answer she gives, but what does that mean?” Yeah, you got that right, I will be able to Shakespeare my way out of any question and confuse the hell out of you.
  3. Cooking a full meal under 30 minutes. I can already make the best meal ever under 10 minutes. I live on pasta and bread, you see, so it’s really easy to keep me happy. I just need pasta, pesto sauce, and a baguette to stay happy everyday. But later on I will be able to make main course and dessert under 30 minutes. Watch me! I’ll masterchef my baguette into some wonderful dishes.
  4. Shopping. I have gotten so fast in shopping that I wonder what has happened to me. Nowadays, I skip places with super expensive tags and go straight to affordable sections or anything on sale. It’s that easy. And if I see what I like, I grab it, if I don’t, I walk away. Shopping takes about 15 minutes nowadays that I wonder how else will I spend my time. Imagine how that’ll be when I’m 25.
  5. Saying no to social gatherings. I can see the progress already. It’s already happening. I have gotten so good at saying no to a lot of things, and if I said no to hanging out with you last weekend, please don’t take it personally. I just prefer staying in my room, watching TV shows. Nothing to do with you. But if I feel bad now, I probably won’t feel bad by the time I’m 25. I need my me time.
  6. Ignoring people’s judgment. I think the older we get, the more ignorant we are towards people’s judgment. Well, it works for my case. I simply can’t care less nowadays on what people think on what I wear. I’d rather be happy being myself than unhappy pleasing people’s eyes. I’m sorry, but I’m not society’s accessory.
  7. Controlling my diet. I have learned the hard way that a bag of chips leads to a week of sore throat. And so I have to stop. The same thing with several other things. But hopefully I’ll be much better at this.
  8. Detaching myself from social media. This is a maybe. As it turns out, my work is tangled with Facebook, and I cannot do work without some social media. However, it is very possible to take my personal profile out of the equation. And this is probably going to happen by 25.
  9. Being comfortable going solo in public. I am okay going alone in public; however, sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable. People tend to stare, and I do not like attention. So, since I’ve been training myself more and more to go out alone and spend my me time in public places, I hope in a couple of years I will be totally comfortable walking alone without companion.
  10. Living Most. It’s not to make as much money as I can and date the best looking people or travel to best places in the world. It is to enjoy every moment in life and be grateful. To show my gratitude in everything that I do. To love what I do, and do what I love.

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