I Love Texas

By Daniella Djiogan

On my front, little rain droplets fall on our windshield

It flows down like sorrowful tears

On my left, a man walks out of his car and slams the door

His face perpetuates a feeling of anguish

On my right, a car just pulls over and obstructs my view of a fire truck


Now we are behind the truck as it makes a left turn.

It’s not in any sort of hurry,

So we follow it as if we are without a destination.

Then we stop.

And I steal a glance at an American flag up ahead along with a Texas flag,

and I smile as we continue straight ahead under the light rain

With a purpose but seemingly without one.

Talking about our past, the people who trouble us, the people we love…

The sky is grayish…clear though. The air is clean

I see a big ‘Texas’ sign…and I think to myself “I Love This State.”

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