Forget the Thanksgiving Turkey

By Daniella Djiogan

So, this year like the previous one, has been one without the turkey. It’s been somewhat of an unspoken decision we made in recent years because of my families sudden interest in health.

No, perhaps we rarely roast the turkey these days because it is just too unbearable to finish the whole thing [remember how stuffed you were last year after that thanksgiving dinner…so stuffed you had to sleep on your side because it hurt to sleep on your stomach?] well, hope that would be ample amount of reason for you to understand why the turkey this year found itself isolated in the fridge.

Roasted fish, a traditional recipe from Cameroon. One so succulent it will leave your mouth watery.

One I do not get to eat very often on regular occasions.

That’s one of the dishes we will eat this year…talk about awesome, less heavy on the stomach, and kinda healthy!!!

In addition to that we will have some other traditional Cameroonian dishes such as plantains to go along with the roasted fish, apple pie, la galette des rois; a French pastry, and other dishes which are somewhat difficult to explain because of its complexity.



Anyways…happy thanksgiving to you all and EAT TO YOUR FILL…It’s Thanksgiving after-all!!!!

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