Welcome, Hawkgirl! 

Can we talk about the crossover episodes of the Flash and Arrow?

Because they were insane!

Welcome, reincarnation and immortality!

Welcome, Chay Ara! Or Kendra Saunders! Or Hawkgirl!

Thank you! Thank you so much that you brought the Flash and Arrow together! It’s so sick I’ll stay in bed to rewatch the episodes more than enough times I’ll puke some happiness.

So in the midst of the whole Barry trying to figure out how to hero out when Zoom was out there, entered Savage.

Savage went after Kendra, Cisco’s new boo, and displayed some insane abilities because apparently this man was immortal. He said some weird things about Kendra being Chay Ara, and how she’d lived many lives. Or something like that.

Barry saved Cisco and Kendra, and then took them to Star Lab. Barry’s secret identity was never that big of a deal anyway, so Kendra found out about the Flash.

Barry, needing distraction from his Zoom situation, took Cisco and Kendra to Starling City to The Arrow team for help.

“How busy can they be?”

Yeah. How busy could the Arrow team be?

So there was a beautiful reunion of the Flash and Green Arrow team. I love how Speedy is now a part of the team.

She kicks ass.


So Savage hunted Kendra all the way to Starling at chez Oliver-Felicity, and he got bested, falling off the tall penthouse floor and disappearing into thin air.

The team realized that Savage was after a staff that looked like Lucious Malfoy’s wand. So Barry and Oliver hunted Savage down in Central City.

We also got to meet Carter, or Khufu, or Kendra’s soulmate. He got huge wings and could fly. He then informed Kendra that she had to emerge.

So she did, and things did not look good for Cisco. Can’t this guy catch a break? He deserves some love!

Afterwards, the team planned to take down Savage. Their first trial failed, and everyone died. Thus, Barry, the only one who could run fast enough to avoid the tragic death, ran so fast that he time traveled back to 24 hours before their doom.

Barry then worked his scarlet magic into their planning, Cisco got Kendra to focus and remember a way to kill Savage, and the team succeeded.

Kendra and Carter left to Savage-free land, wherever that was, and Cisco was heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Merlin collected Savage’s ash and would soon resurrect him… or something.

But that was epic. I loved those two episodes. I am thinking of having them downloaded, so I can watch them anytime.

Barry’s comments on Malcolm Merlin’s appearance are ridiculous. They’re hilarious. They’re so funny. These are so far, the most interesting back to back episodes ever. So. Good.

Side story:

  1. Oliver finally met his son, William, and swore his ex to not tell a single soul that he was William’s father. Not even to William. Cruel. In the first timeline, he hid it from Felicity, and she broke things off with him. The second timeline, already knowing that William was his son, hid it from Felicity well enough that no breakup happened. Although, she suspected something.
  2. Harrison and Caitlin created a serum to increase Barry’s speed significantly that he would be able to catch up with Zoom temporarily. However, only those with the speedster system could take the serum.
  3. Harrison Wells numero 2 got shot by Barry’s new boo because she thought that he was stealing from Mercury Lab. I love Wells, so that girl just made it to my black list. Caitlin called Jay and asked him to take the speedster serum so that he could take out the bullet out of Harrison’s chest and save his life. Despite hating Wells and the speedster serum, Jay decided to save the engineer’s life.



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