Man of the Year: Nyle DiMarco

I cried like a baby when Tyra Banks announced the winner of the last cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

I didn’t cry when Keith Carlos won, y’all. And I had the craziest, biggest crush on that man. He’s just so perfect.

But Nyle DiMarco won over my heart. The moment I saw him in the first episode of cycle 22 of ANTM, I knew that he was going to win.

He had the same thing going on that Keith had: undeniably beautiful features. Stunning. He gave the same vibe that Keith had.

And alright, no more comparing those two.

Okay, one more thing: I never saved Keith’s photos on my phone, but I saved Nyle’s photos.

And I started going back to learning ASL again.

And I became a pro stalker. ’nuff said.

Nyle represented the deaf community in competing, and he was the first deaf model who won ANTM, and the last winner considering this was the last cycle of ANTM.

And here are some reasons as to why he’s the man of the year, y’all. He wants to make an impact. This guy wants to make changes, raise awareness, and bring positive energy to the world, from his standing point.

This is the guy with a mission, and he works from the heart.

Watch Cycle 22, and witness this sweetheart compete without getting tangled in the drama. And watch him confront the less mature competitors on their unimportant arguments.

I hold the same respect for the other competitors, as they all want to make changes. However, Nyle, is an inspiration.

The others represented the same type of models we’d been watching from time to time. They were all beautiful and talented, and they did not have any impairment in any sense. This wasn’t a disadvantage to Nyle, because he was a fierce competitor, except for that one shooting in pitch black darkness; however, this was courage. Courage to be different and live with those who could not truly understand him.

And he went through it and succeeded in taking home the title.

This is the man you should watch. The man you should follow.

Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: NyleDiMarco

And it doesn’t hurt also that he’s gorgeous.

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