Peanuts Movie Review: Charlie Brown’s Puppy Love

I love Snoopy, and I had read the Peanuts comic strips, as well as watched Charlie Brown surprising his friends episode by episode on screen.

Thus, when I went to see the movie, my heart warmed a little.

It took me back to childhood, the beautiful, innocent time when adults were almost nonexistent in our drama – everything revolved around mostly “who could do what” and “who was best at what” at school.

Charlie Brown would be that kid in my class, the kid who ‘failed’ at mostly everything and wasn’t exceptionally gifted like some of his friends.

He always messed things up and enlisted the help of his dog, Snoopy, to succeed.

One day, a new family moved across the street, and Charlie hoped he could make good impression.

The little red haired girl, the new neighbor, was pretty, and she had no idea that Charlie was such a failure that to him, she symbolized changes and clean slate.

He could be anyone to this girl, and he could impress her with things that wouldn’t work on his friends.

So the movie’s got two stories to tell: Charlie Brown’s attempt on impressing the little red haired girl and Snoopy’s novel in progress.

(Oh yea, Snoopy found a typewriter and he just started writing his own romance story with a beautiful puppy named Fifi).

This movie might make your boyfriends look like they’re not trying that hard. Try to beat Charlie Brown and the things he did for the little red haired girl.

In the end, audience were taken back to childhood and reminded of valuable lessons of what truly mattered.

Definitely not trophies or medals or awards, but one’s true character.

I loved this movie. I went to watch it with two ladies who might give you different opinions, because I can tell you that one of them was fighting the urges to fall asleep or cry.

It might not be the movie for everyone who walks in expecting something like ‘Inside Out’ or ‘Frozen’. This is a movie that helps you relive childhood. This is the movie you go to see to remember the days of flipping through newspapers to find the Peanuts comic section, or the days of listening to the theme song and dancing to it.

It teaches good lessons to kids who go to see it. And the animation is, to elevate what we had from the cartoon, beautifully done. I personally loved the Snoopy’s novel story line, and the animation done for every chapter was ridiculously good.

I give this movie an 8/10. And I will definitely watch it again.

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