Star Wars VII: the Force Awakens

It was the best cinematic experience I’ve had so far.

A lot of you probably can guess that I am a Star Wars fan, and that I’ve been waiting for the Force Awakens for awhile now; thus, it is only logical that I lost my mind when I entered the theater.

I certainly did.

I walked in and out with a giant smile. It was like a dream.

So here we go:

Luke Skywalker disappeared, and the Resistance, led by Leia, had been searching for him. Again, Luke symbolized hope. Meanwhile, the First Order was searching for Luke as well, so that the Jedi line would be destroyed forever.

We started in Jakku, where Leia’s best pilot, Poe, held a tiny part of a map that would give away Luke Skywalker’s location. Realizing that he was about to be captured, Poe stored the map in his droid, BB-8, and told the droid to go as far away as it could.

And it did, and it found Rey, a scavenger girl with a strong force.

Meanwhile, a stormtrooper named FN-2187 found his missions disgusting, and decided to somehow run away from First Order. The First Order was led by a sith named Ren, who was the missing son of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Poe and FN-2187 decided to run away from the First Order and landed back in Jakku. However, FN-2187 who went by Finn now, failed to get to Poe and had to search for BB-8 alone. Poe was presumed dead.

Orders to find BB-8 were delivered, and the droid was the hunt of the universe.

Finn found BB-8 and Rey just in time, and they escaped with a junk that we all loved, aka the Millenium Falcon. Rey insisted that they had to find the Resistence base, and Finn, who claimed to be a part of the Resistance, went along with the plan.

That was the plan, at least, and it drove them straight to Han Solo, who felt the same paternal feel he had towards Luke to these two kids.

I won’t spoil the movie to those of you who haven’t seen it. Because I didn’t even read any spoiler or watch any review before walking into the theater.

And this is rare, because I tend to check scores and Stuckmannize my perspective (if you don’t know what I mean, YouTube: Chris Stuckmann) before watching a movie.

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega delivered. They brought Rey and Finn alive fantastically, and I couldn’t think of better actors to play these roles. Their chemistry was beautiful, and I loved them together.

Finn actually hit targets! Surprisingly! Have you met a stormtrooper who could actually shoot? Well, this is the guy, y’all. He didn’t miss much. Which, is a force to be reckoned with, considering that he was a stormtrooper. In charge of sanitation.

Adam Driver did well as a villain, and even though he wasn’t very convincing in the beginning, he pulled through and proved himself one with the dark side. I officially want to burn his face if I ever get to see him in person for whatever anti-spoiler thing he did to Han Solo.

Harrison Ford, well, it’s not a Lucas Film without him. He came back, and despite his age, was still as awesome as he had been. Also, whatever you say, Han shot first.

Carrie Fisher aged beautifully. More beautiful than I could ever remember, and I just saw Empire Strikes Back for like the xx-th time last night. And Mark Hamill! Don’t even get me started. I flipped shit when I saw him in the Flash, still got butterflies when I saw him in the Flash episode the other day, and I definitely lost it when I saw him in this movie.

The force had always been strong with this one!!!

Everything came together well, according to the force. The ending gave me goosebumps. And many scenes in this movie gave me goosebumps.

There was one in particular that reminded me of the final end of Anakin Skywalker, before the real birth of Vader. You will see it too. It was a repetition, but done so well that there was no complaint from me.

Ren idolized his grandfather so much, it was about time he got the real taste of the dark side the way Ani had it. No turning back for this Skywalker now.

Oh wait, I do have one complaint: Disney, ya know it’s okay to stretch a movie to three hour length, right? Or four?

I found myself screaming, “What? That was it? Noooooo!!!” When it ended. Even though I have to say, now I aim to make it alive to 2017, until Episode VIII comes out.

Yay. More reason to live. Meanwhile, I’ll do some soul searching and Star Wars toys purchasing. Here, Disney, take my money.

Overall, this was a pleasant watch. I can’t remember feeling this happy in the longest time. And I’m hard to please when it comes to movies, you know.

And no! Episode I, II, and III didn’t make me this happy. Or happy at all.

I give Episode VII a 9.5/10. And see it, you must. I am thinking of going back to watch it for the second time next week, because it’s just that good.

Let me know what y’all think. May the force be with you.

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