Time means a lot of things to people. Time means life, money, love, relationships, and whatever else we want to label it.

Time is everything.

Time heals broken hearts. Time flies. Time stops in precious moments. Time changes people. Time, time, time.

And you want to kill time, stop time, time jump, go back in time, freeze time, anything. You have a list of things you want to do to time.

Clearly, time is important.

So what can we do to make sure it’s not lost?

It is like the ultimate currency, we treat it like cash for our never ending activities and routines. We treat it like it’s the most valuable, we trash it like it’s just something given to us, and we blame it for whatever that doesn’t work due to “It’s not the right time.”

It is the ultimate measurement for everything happening in our life. It is that “how long does it take” and “how long will it take” and “when will it happen” to all of our goals or recoveries. It is the “it’s not long enough” or “it’s too short” to our beautiful moments and great accomplishments, or even worse, our whole life.

It is the ultimate relationship meter. How much time you are willing to spend with a particular someone shows how much that person means to you. How much time you are willing to share with a person is the relationship calculator; because time is life, and how much of your life are you willing to share with someone else?

It is the one thing we are most grateful for, and the one thing we waste like tomorrows are freely given to us.

And how do we treat it with respect?

We say, “Thank you for your time,” after someone has spent some time with us. We appreciate their time for us.

Then what do we do with ours?

“I wasted so much time playing video games!” or “I can’t believe it took me the whole day to finish that paper!” or “I wasted my time on you!”

Then self loathing comes forward.

So what if we treat ourselves, our activities, our freedom with respect? What if we see it as, “I spent few hours playing video games and now I feel better, ready to get back to work,” or “It took me the whole day to finish that paper, and I am happy with it,” or “I spent few years being friends with you, and even though you ended up backstabbing me, I know I’d learned a lot from our friendship and you’d given me more than I could ever ask for.”


Gratitude. Gratitude towards everything that comes into our life, without us trying to harm ourselves or ruining everything on purpose – towards the happening and whatever given to us – will save us.

Gratitude for having people who care about us so much that they spent their time with us, although they end up hating us or backstabbing us in the end… will at least save us some time off from self loathing.

Gratitude will let us appreciate the time given – or whatever else that comes with it.

Don’t you think?

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