2015, The Year We Shed Tears

By Daniella Djiogan

2015 has certainly been a year of losses. We saw casualties. We feared. We were confused. We experienced so much loss that we had no more tears to shed.  We became divided.

However, we managed to laugh sometimes. Entertained by some of our politicians who did a good job to divert our attention from the pain that became our norm.

Learnt to smile in agony as we cheered in support of our teams, embraced comedy with laughter, watched a new season of Game of thrones, Once upon a time, Empire, Scandal, and/or any show that served as distraction and gave us much pleasure.

Twelve months, twelve long months did pass

Twelve unforgettable months…not all for the right reasons.

Twelve months that taught us that life is unpredictable, so better cherish it while you can.

Twelve months, twelve long months.

I just hope and wish this upcoming twelve months bring about some positivity.

Months of joy and happiness

Bye bye 2015

Wish Y’all a Happy & Blessed 2016


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