Day 3: Meeting a Fellow Blogger

By Daniella Djiogan

So we were finally in India and it had been 3 days. 3 long days that felt like a week. Much had happened during the previous 2 days, both interesting and annoying but certainly worth the experience.

You can check it out in the links below:

Enough with the little digress intro, let’s jump into तीसरा दिन – teesara din (Day three)

We got up that morning feeling pretty tired as in the previous two days. There’s something about being jetlag that renders you unable to sleep through a night, tired, and all around restless. We could have literally paid for an 8 hour sleep schedule if such was possible.

The night before, we had celebrated my birthday at a fancy club and I had a little too much to drink.  So, the feeling of jetlag partnered with hangover wasn’t quite the best way to start the day, but we had company coming over during the midday.

Unprepared with a hotel room so messy, we decided to grab unto any lying mess around and dress for comfort, while waiting for a door knock.

When she arrived, we headed out for the big Delhi tour, starting with the lotus temple.

Have you ever had an instant connection with someone the first time you meet them in person after talking to them via social media through another friend?  Well, this is how we felt. We had just met this new friend of ours, but it felt like we all had been friends for a long long time.

By the way, let me do the official introduction.

She goes by the name of Shailey, and she’s a fashion blogger, one with a love for traveling, outgoing, friendly, and one who speaks her mind if needed.

She’s cool and has a personality that translates into her many outfits styles.

Check out her blog in the link below….You would certainly enjoy it!

shailysrivastava & shailysrivastava-on-stylepile

After a 30 minutes ride from the hotel, we reached our destination, the lotus temple; A beautiful temple whose design mimics the lotus flower.


No photos we allowed inside the temple itself, but oh! How stunning it looked. So quiet and so peaceful that one might have felt the presence of the almighty. There’s just something about walking bare footed into a temple that just screams cleansing of the body and soul (at least to me).

After that, we left for India Gate which was close due to preparations of India’s Republic day on the 26th of this month.

Disappointed, we left for Rashtrapati Bhavan (the Presidential Residence)…Pretty cool right?


A short tour of the place was enough since we weren’t allowed in the building…Go figures!!! (it’s not like we’re important governmental figures).

Then it was food time at the Biryani Palace restaurant. Start salivating because it was that good. They took a while to serve, and as starved as we were, we started eating the onions that was placed on the table, meant to be eaten with the biryani. What delicious onions, probably the best tasting ones I’ve ever had. Hunger turns to do some strange things to one’s appetite.


However, it was all worth it. Plus we were given a complimentary meal…a free meal is always the best, don’t you think??


We didn’t finish our meal…it was just too much.

Our next stop – Starbucks, where we spent a chuck of time having a regular girls to girls talk. Wouldn’t write what we talked about, kinda personal 😛  By the way, one of us was so excited about finally getting her daily dose of coffee 😛


Her face…priceless!

The day’s long tour finished in a temple whose name escapes me.

It was BEAUTIFUL…VERY BEAUTIFUL and peaceful. So worth visiting!


If you get the chance to come to India, especially Delhi, do come to this temple, I don’t remember the name but the locals certainly do.

Yap, certainly a long, tiring day filled with laughers and smiles…one we wouldn’t trade for anything.

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