Why Witches of East End should have been renewed

by Devina Gunawan

I got my heart broken the moment I heard that Witches of East End didn’t get renewed.

Firstly, that show rocks.

It is the full package of magic, myth, and daily life conflicts. It isn’t the “I have magic and this world is strange; thus, you won’t ever see me go to school again – unless it’s prom or the few episodes to remind audience that the characters are in school” type of story.

It is good, and engaging. It is still magic, of course, but it focuses more on relationships. And it’s more of a family relationship than anything else. Because those girls stick together no matter what.

Wendy is my favorite TV character by far, and I watch a lot of TV shows. That says a lot about a character.

So having her taken away from my screen was the most heartbreaking thing I’d ever faced in years. That actually beat my worst breakup story.

So I know that Jenna Dewan Tatum is in Supergirl now and that seals the fate of our witch town, but I still have hope. 


1. It’s cliffhanger! Cliffhanger! Who’s Inggrid’s baby daddy? How’s Dash gonna keep Killian in prison? And how will Wendy come back to life? Who’s the lady in fire? Frederick! Who killed him? Is it that bitch Raven? So many questions! 

2. It’s truly entertaining. Like, we get drama. We get bad drama. But this show is, despite the whole soulmate thing, entertaining. 

3. It’s based on books. Which means it has directions, or some ideas on where it’s going. 

4. It has beautiful actors. Which is all one needs on TV. Jenna can turn me to stone anytime, that woman is gorgeous. And Madchen, I would sell my soul for that woman.

5. Like I said earlier, it isn’t the magic focused type of show. These characters have jobs, they have lives. You see Freya making drinks and cleaning up the bar every time. You see Inggrid in the library during working hours. You see Dash in the hospital. You see Wendy stalking and strolling. But it’s not the type of show when magic changes lives drastically. It’s about two girls learning to control their magic while living their lives. 

6. The relationships are legit. The sibling bonds, the mother love, the family ties are unbreakable. 

7. We haven’t moved on yet. I know for sure that I haven’t! How am I supposed to forget?? Now give me back my Witches of East End!!! 
Please, renew it. 

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