Lonely Passion

Photography by Johannes Karundeng

Have you ever felt like the world belongs to you? Like, time makes a way for you so that you may enjoy this moment forever?

Well, my friends.

That’s how I feel when I sketch.

It is freeing. It’s breezy and yet calm.

It’s like a huge storm, wild fireworks, racing heartbeat.

Excitement. Bliss. Peace.


And that’s something you can’t find anywhere else. Not even in a romantic partner.

Sometimes, the most exciting thing you do is the one you’ve established a relationship with. That you can’t bring a third person into this passionate relationship.

Like me and my pencils.

So this is something for a lot of people who are dating artists. I am really sorry. I am really sorry that you may not understand them completely, and a lot of the times you think they’re nuts.

I apologize that sometimes they seem to be out of this world, and into their own worlds. Because the thing is, they do have their own worlds. In which, you aren’t a part of.

Supposedly that’s how it feels dating a workaholic. Someone who’s truly invested in work. Someone who’s poured out his or her soul into projects and deadlines, and won’t give them up without a fight.

But you see, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

It just means you have to share them. With their works.

When they’re there, they’re there. They’ll make you feel loved and special, and they bring their passion into their romance. But when they’re with their papers, they’re gone.

So sharing is the only way to go. Probably your best bet of staying sane.

And if you don’t want to, and if you think you can’t, then perhaps, this isn’t for you.

Now. Wonder why a lot of us are alone?


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