Outfit in Spotlight: Saree 

So we wore Saree for the first time. And it was one beautiful experience.

Daniella looked so regal. She could be a queen or a princess and you’d believe her.

I got nothing for myself. I was not a big fan of lipsticks, so when I was forced to have it on, I got grumpy.

But so here we go: Saree.  
It’s a bit uncomfortable going up and down the stairs I tell you. It was so problematic.

I’m pretty sure the ladies who dressed me up said something along the line of “Walk slowly. Don’t hold the dress.” Or something.

There was obviously language barrier we couldn’t break.

So we struggled at first wearing the Saree. But it was also a good thing that we got ours at really low price.

Suggestion to you who want to go to India: Mumbai is a shopping paradise.

And go with a friend who bargains better than Scrooge.

But apparently Saree has three parts: the top, the petticoat, and the Saree itself.

The first two were easy. You can even substitute them with crop tops and jeans or skirts.

But the Saree part was difficult.


We were gifts, and the Saree was the wrapping paper.

However, when we were dressed in our saree outfits, we felt like princesses.

We loved it. I definitely will be wearing saree quite often after this. I love it! It may take a long time to wear, but it’s definitely worth it.

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