Day 7: Touring Mumbai with hopes to get a glimpse of Salman Khan

By Daniella Djiogan

The day started with a big breakfast which included but wasn’t limited to poha and sandwiches. After our morning meal, we hurried to the tour bus and there our little adventure around Mumbai began.

First destination; a boat ride facing the gateway of India, as well as the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. This was my first boat ride ever, and I was kind of scared of the wobble nature of the boat, but it felt great. The warm wind was perfect, and we just had such a great time chatting.

12523183_10153469657323789_1846579911460137294_nAfter getting off the boat and taking a few pics, we hurried to the museum, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, It was so beautiful. Pity that we didn’t have much time to truly explore the arts within it.


Short Story:

Less than 10 minutes before we were due at the tour bus, Devina saw this room with paintings, along with this mini paper canvas stand. As a true artist, she couldn’t resist the zeal to sketch one of the portraits.

Mind the fact that we only had nine minutes at this point (4 minutes to sketch and 5 mins to get ourselves to the bus). As she started drawing, lots of people began to gather around viewing in fascination at the speed and accuracy of her drawing.

Never felt so proud of being her best friend. In fact, I wanted to try and sell the sketch, but we had no time left for bargains. So, we left it there and left…sadly.

12642555_10153503604433789_5106345649658112468_n (1)

After our short but sweet museum tour, we literally rode around Mumbai. Our favorite part of the tour was when were going through the neighborhoods of celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Our only thought at that point was to try to get the bus to stop so we could cheer with other Salman’s fans waiting in front of his house. Apparently, once in a while, he actually comes out and greet his fans.

Also rumor has it that if you’re around that area quite early in the morning (around 5 am), you could see some celebrities jogging. How cool is that for stalking (I apologize to celebrities for writing this)

Our 5+ hours tour came at an end on a beach, where we had fun playing like little kids.



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