Henna on Everyone

I love henna.

I have always adored tattoos, but I’ve also been so scared looking at how it’s done. I mean, it looks so scary.

There was this one video shown to me few years go of the zoomed in process of real tattoo making. I cringed.

I might look brave from the outside, but inside I’m just a girl.

It’s like, Tony Stark without the Iron Man suit. The suit itself is power, but inside is just a man (a genius, freaky genius man who, even though trained physically, can never beat the bigger guys).

So what can I do? Other than the sticker tattoos of course, is henna.

Henna is good. It is based on your creativity. It is whatever you want it to be. And it is not permanent, meaning you can change designs often.

This is what I did to my mom’s hands.

Before our friend’s wedding in Kota, Rajasthan, Daniella and I got our henna done by some of his cousins. And they were beautiful!

This is what I did to my cousin’s hands. She’s got such pretty hands.

Henna is amazing. You might need to watch out just in case you’re allergic, but most people aren’t allergic to henna.

It’s all natural, and no one should really be worried about applying henna on her hands or even hair.

And there is one Instagram account I always love looking at:


  Check her out. Her henna works are amazing!

And yes, that’s Jussie Smollett there. She met him!

So for you artistic souls out there, get a henna cone nearby and get some henna done!!

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