An Open Letter to Ungrateful Friends

You could be a family member. Blood is pretty thick.

You could be someone I grew up with. History is damning.

You could be an ex-partner. Love remains despite broken bonds.

But dear you ungrateful, wretched souls,

You who ask for help constantly but disappear when we need a hand.

You who make us feel horrible for asking you for a simple favor.

You who never thank us for anything because you take our love for granted.

You who label us the giver and rely on us as such for the longest time.

Someday you will wake up regretting ever hurting us.

One day you will wake up in pain, remembering the ones who had been there for you.

Know that we wish you well.

Thank you for being a reminder that we have to fight for our own happiness.

We hope that you will get exactly what you deserve. Just as someday we will get what we deserve.


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