Legends of Tomorrow: Where Savage’s Fortune’s Kept

As predicted, Legends of Tomorrow got better. The third episode went to explore more of the team mates’ relationships.

To be fair, they didn’t really know each other before.

However let me start with something Hunter did before he assembled the team. He went back 4000 years over to kill Savage and he failed.

Yes, so now that it’s been mentioned. Let’s move on to the mini plots.

Ray the Atom got to bond with Stein, his college professor who never remembered him. It was Ray’s moment to shine and to prove Stein that he was a good student. Not that it was important – but it probably was something to Ray. He shrunk and went into ChayAra’s bloodstream to destroy broken pieces of the dagger that were killing her from the inside.

I won’t lie. That was pretty cool.

Jefferson helped, or more like had no other option, Cold and Heat Wave to go back in time. Cold wanted to stop his father from stealing something when he was still a child, so he went to steal the object first and then visited his father to give it to him.

Unfortunately, as we had learned from previous episode, time would always find a way to replace what had been changed. Cold’s father still got arrested, and Cold went back to his bitterness.

Hunter and Sara tried to locate Savage’s money. They worked pretty well together, and Sara stole the spotlight.

They also tried to get Khufu’s body, which was saved for some ritual thing Savage arranged for his club.

Well, Savage’s fortune was not money. I can tell you that.

The team had guessed that immortality meant nothing if Savage was poor. But I guess they were wrong.

Apparently, Hunter and Sara found out that Khufu’s blood could give a hundred years of immortality and a lot of men followed him, worshiping him like a god.

In exchange, they got some of Khufu’s blood.

Many of them had followed him for thousands of years with Khufu’s blood, and probably ChayAra’s. If that isn’t creepy, I don’t know what is.

So now that Sara and Hunter have bonded, Cold has moved on and bonded with little Jefferson, and Ray and Stein finally became friends, or equal of some sort, the team finally feels more united.

And now, hopefully it’ll just keep on getting better.

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