Day 8: Mumbai Shopping Madness

Day 7 is here. 
One thing I never truly liked that much: shopping. And that was basically almost everything we did in Mumbai. Shopping and over eating.

Not that I could complain. The markets were fun to visit and explore. And the foods were to die for.

So on the 8th day, we woke up in the morning to do some running with Auntie. We went to the beach and then we worked out there, jogging and aerobic walking.

It was nice, and Mumbai is truly beautiful.

To be honest, we were hoping to run into a Bollywood star somewhere in the beautiful Mumbai.

After taking several photos and burning calories, we drove to the Hanging Garden. And it was beautiful.

We got back to the apartment and took long showers.

Afterwards, we went to shop and Auntie took us to a nice cafe that looked like it could belong to a movie. Or, the nice Cheesecake Factory in Chicago, which I miss terribly now.

The day went by like a blur to me. Shopping, shopping, and shopping was the thing. Daniella was happy, she was bargaining left and right and I was busy glaring at people.

I’m not a big fan of much attention, and India gave me more than enough attention I could ever take in a lifespan. Okay, that was a bit too much. But being a foreign girl in India was not exactly the ideal holiday.

Even worse when people thought I was from North India and questioned me further for not speaking Hindi. Either way, I could not win.

Daniella was admired by everyone that I was scared she would get kidnapped. My best friend is beautiful, let me remind you, and she attracted a lot of annoying men. I had to make sure that she held onto my hand, or I hers, or that she was not out of sight.

So we attracted attention. Like monkeys in a zoo.

However, we got a lot of things done. Daniella got a lot of stuff. And I got a pair of sandals.

After a long day of shopping, we got back home to a huge dinner. Auntie always made sure that we both were well fed.

However, we also burned tons of calories.

Knowing that we were expected to perform a dance at our friend’s wedding, Auntie taught us the moves to Chikni Chameli, and we practiced at night.

Sometime past midnight, we all passed out. But it was another full day in Mumbai, and we loved it. 

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