Rejection Confirmation: People Like Us 

This is, first and foremost, a personal opinion. Which, you may accept or reject.

Men base their existence on few things, and one of them is social interaction. Relationships define people and confirm them of their self existence.

How do you know you exist? You double check that with your parents, who have a strong relationship with you and confirm that you do exist.

Acknowledgment from others help reinforce the idea of existence.

Acceptance and established relationships help define “real” in your being. They make you comprehend that you are a part of something. Of the world.

But what about people who are rejected left and right? What about people who don’t belong anywhere? How do they base their existence?

Once upon a boring day, I frowned upon this.

What makes me proud of being rejected left and right? Am I that crazy?

Then something hits me.

Rejection means someone is not accepted in the group.

Without the rejected, there is no rejection.

The fact that the rejection is real means that the rejected is real.

Rejection confirms that a man is something. The man is real.

Thus, that means the rejection cannot exist without the man. The rejection reinforces the concept of existence.

A man might not belong to a group in particular, but the rejection from the groups confirms the existence.

So this is an unorthodox way to feel like one truly exists.

“Less is more” in which the lack of social interaction, or the absence of it, instead of reducing existence, reinforces it.

So what if there are people who take pride in it? People who actually realize that the fact that they do not belong anywhere, confirm their existence on that.

People like me?

And maybe you?

It doesn’t make us any less real. It doesn’t make us any less than the rest. We just see our whole beings differently, under different light.

And I guess being rejected is the essence of our existence. Maybe we chose this.

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