Valentine’s Day: May the Chocolate be with You

I will be honest here, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s. 

It’s loud, in your face, and omnipresent. The reminders that the day is coming are all over the place. Like vomit. 

Especially for sad singles. People who just got divorced, dumped, or people who have closed their hearts to any potential harm. 

Or blazing reminders that the day of couples sprawling around the town is coming. 

To you who celebrate Valentine’s Day, happy Valentine’s! I hope you and your loved ones are having the best time. 

And make sure the love remains for the rest of the year, and your lives. Valentine’s really shouldn’t be an annual thing, it should be a daily routine. 

To the rest of us, those who will end up alone in bed with a bottle of wine, possibly a pet and some action movies on marathon, may the day go by without annoying couples showing up left and right. 

We have options, things we could do on Valentine’s: 

1. Celebrate with your partner. Get him chocolates, buy her some flowers. If you’re in long distance, Skype date. 

2. Celebrate with family. Buy your parents some nice meal and write them a nice card.

3. Hang out with best friend. The singles club is officially open!

4. Go out with whomever you found suitable on Tinder. 

5. Ask a stranger out. 

6. Drunk text your ex, or the crush you never got over. Sometimes this happens, right?

7. Watch sad movies or listen to heartbreak songs. Cry over your own pain. Someday, it might end. 

8. Watch action movies and listen to self motivating songs. Because it takes your mind off it and it’s fun.

9. Go on a date with yourself. A movie. A nice dinner. Maybe some roses? 

10. Stay in bed with your pet, if you have any, a bottle of wine, and a book. Read Game of Thrones. Call it a night. 

11. Sleep. When you wake up it’ll be February 15, and it’s like the 14 never happened.  

12. TV Show Marathon. I suggest the Flash. 

13. Finish up work. Hello, workaholic friends. 

14. Do something artistic. Write a poem, paint something beautiful, play some music, perform a dance routine, sing your heart out, or do something creative.

15. Binge on that chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing the whole month. Yeah, happy Chocolate day.

16. A trip to porn. I won’t act like I’m a saint, I know human nature. Call it nasty but we all know people do this. And this is totally normal, it’s just something people don’t say out loud. 

17. Call me and talk about the upcoming Captain America movie and we can make our bets on which major character will die.

It’s just another day, to be honest. There really is nothing that special about Valentine’s Day other than the fact that a lot of us got free candies. 

Pretty much like Halloween. But you don’t have to knock the whole neighborhood doors. 

If option 17 is your go-to, simply let me know. I’ll be in my bed with a bottle of wine, if I find any good one, and some books. Hopefully I’ll be watching Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules, but either way I’ll be available for a fun call. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! 

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