I’m A Diamond 

I was the precious diamond. Beautiful, radiant, unbreakable. 

Then you decided to keep me in your treasure box, hidden from the sun, blocking my light. 

You showed the world your collection of cheap crystals and rocks. 

Afraid someone would steal me, you hid me safe in the darkness. 

Where I never belonged. 

In time, you forgot about me and left me in a pile of mud. 

My presence served only your pride, for you never loved me truly.

The first time you’d seen me I was the most beautiful thing. Now I was covered in dirt and out of sight. 

Not only yours, but everyone else’s sight. 

I guess you thought I was nothing, some fragile material not worth loving. 

And that’s fine. 

Because not even under this pile of mud I could break. The moment the sun came out and touched me, I’d reflect it back and shine brighter than you’d ever remembered.

A diamond is a diamond.

Not cheap crystal. Not some rock you could find by the river. 

I had let you treat me like a broken crystal, but it is time that I become what I am. 

I am a diamond. 

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