Spooky Villain: Who’s Zoom?

I have been looking at Zoom’s posture. His height. Size. Eyes. 

Well, if you can call them eyes. 

But who else thinks that Zoom is Jay? 

Look at “Escape from Earth Two” episode, because that episode was pretty weird. The guy tapped “Jay” on the glass door in the lair, and he seemed frustrated that Barry kept on telling him that Jay was alive and fine. 

And is anyone else confused about Jay saving only three people from the collapsing huge, like “should fit few hundred people at least” kind of huge, building?

And the fact that Jay admitted to Caitlyn that he’d done some terrible things? 

Caitlyn couldn’t find his doppleganger until he took her to see Hunter Zolomon (which has all the letters needed to spell out “zoom”). 

And he kept on asking for Velocity from Caitlyn. 

He could just mask his addiction to having more speed by some heroic actions, but what if he’s Zoom? 

And what if the dude in the glass prison is the real Jay? 

And why was Jay making the whole dramatic walk towards the bridge and just basically waiting for Zoom to snatch him?

Some theory says that Zoom is Jay from the future. 

Another says that Jay’s experiment with Velocity resulted in an alternate self who got all the speed: Zoom. 

And Zoom, due to being born out of Jay’s desire to obtain more speed, became a monster with insatiable thirst for speed. 

I mean, what kind of goal is that? Zoom is all powerful but all he wants is to be the fastest man alive. 

Like, there is world hunger and poverty. And rich people he can steal from. 

What if, the guy in the glass prison is Jay from the future? The dying Jay who has no speed left. 

And Zoom needs current Jay and future Jay locked up in order to secure Zoom’s fate – so that he can just be Zoom, and not a part of any time version of Jay. 

I know it’s a huge mess. But at this point, we know we can go all crazy with the Flash. 

If anything truly makes sense, that’d be weird. 

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